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Mary (was Marilyn)- adopted Oct '12

Mary is fitting in very well.  We actually just got back from a nice long walk around the conservation area here....there is a remote spot where she can be off lead.  She loves the bush and runs around like a crazy dog...she always keeps me in site though and is at my side in a second when I call her in.
We're not using the crate much, she prefers to be out with her people....she does go in though without any trouble if we need her to be there.  She now sleeps on a dog bed right beside me at night.  Once the lights go out, she settles right down and you don't hear a peep until morning. 
Our day always starts with a walk around the neighbourhood, then back for breakfast.   Then another walk before bed time.  On weekends, we're off to the conservation area for an 8 km walk...
She is only on her own for a few hours at at time.  When I leave for work, I've started to leave her out of her crate to see how she will do when left unattended.  My boys come home at lunch, and one of them only has two classes this semester, so he is here half the day with her.  All but for one pee accident on the basement floor, she has been amazing.  She is not a dog that lets you know when it's time to go outside...but we're working on that and learning to recognize her cues.  She hasn't destroyed anything thus far...but man, she sure loves to rip apart her toys!!
She thinks the cat is a dog and tries to play with him...the cat usually takes so much then lets her know that he is not happy...Mary then leaves him alone...the next think you will see is Mary and the cat licking each other...I guess it's one of those love-hate relationship...lol
Mary loves everyone and is very attentive...you can see her trying to figure out what someone is trying to tell her to do, and she is starting to walk on lead very well.
All in all, everyone that meets her falls in love with her, she is really sweet and gentle.  She has a few new doggie buddies that she visits on occasion...
The boys and I are very happy with Mary...she fit right in from day one...

Zoey- adopted Dec '12
Great news…..had Zoey in the bush this a.m…with “NO LEAD”….what a super bright puppy we got!!! She is so eager to please and is such a joy!!

Attached is a picture of her yesterday, running with her cousin, Tucker!!!

We had such laughs watching them!!


Patches- adopted Sept'12
Patches is continuing to fit right into our home. He's up to 36lb now; we don't expect him to hit much over 40.

Level 1 training went great! He shows a lot of potential with stays and heeling in particular. For a few classes, he started to exhibit some defensive lunging at other dogs, but we went through that with Hondo at one point (after a surprise attack from a friend's 2 small dogs) and we worked through it over time. We'll be headed for Level 2 in the new year, but I've got 3 weeks of traveling for work in January first.

Patch is quite the charmer with new guests and gets along with everyone very well. It's great to see how well he handles being around younger children - a little better than Hondo in fact. He gains more confidence over time, as well as trust in us. Last weekend he had his first bath with us (after watching Hondo in the shower) and did great. We even introduced him briefly to a hair dryer, which took some encouragement. 

Both Patches and Hondo get their share of snuggle time on either the couch or bed when invited, and we love our new 2-dog family!

Leah- adopted Dec '12
Leah has been fantastic!  She was a little disoriented the first night and whined all night in her crate.  We picked up a brand new bed for her and she now sleeps through the night in our bedroom with Crash. 

She had the layout of the house figured out by the following morning.  She has been handling the few stairs we have very well.  They are blocked off with a baby gate, but when taking her out she has been climbing down them herself!  I marked them with vanilla extract and that had made all the difference.

We have taken her for a few walks and she has been very good.  Crash’s energy is still a little intimidating for her, but they are slowly figuring each other out.

I actually think the adjustment has been harder on Crash than Leah.  He now has to share; it’s something he is not used to.

Tuna (was Fiona) adopted June '12

This is Tuna's and Beef's first beach day at Bayfield, this past Summer.
The car ride up was a little rocky for Beef. Tuna was a champ - she just love, loves the car!
There was even one time when I was vacuuming my car in the garage - and she squeezed through the door and scooted right to the passenger seat and planted herself there.  I let her sit there while I was cleaning. But the funniest part was - she didn't want to leave.  I tried bribing her with cookies, chicken, cheese.... nothing worked!!!  I ended up taking her for a little drive around the neighborhood and she was so, soooo happy!  and you know the happy -- it's her intense happy to see you when you come home -- even when you just step outside to take the garage out.  It is insane how she makes me feel so incredibly loved!

Bess (was Beth)- adopted Nov '12

It's all about snuggling with my mama!  Yes, this is the couch I curl up on when no one is home! I can't believe they actually let me up this thing. It's pretty cozy.

Lucy (was Betty) - adopted Dec '12
Just want to let you know, "Lucy" and I just got back from our Christmas at my mother's place.

There were 2 other dogs there, Rosie who is a small dog, and Kooch who is a Border Collie X.  She played soooo hard yesterday that she cannot keep her eyes open today... the cats are even roaming around cuz she just aint movin!!   She had so much fun with Kooch, they never stopped for more than 3 minutes at one time.  She did great in the car as well, an hour + car ride each way.

I think she is adjusting well here and is a happy lil girl.   I hope you guys approve of her name... Miss Lucy Lu :-P

Oakley, adopted August 2012

Just a quick note to let you know that Oakley is doing very well.  We took him to Training Classes and he was top in the class!  Now only if he would listen to us day to day as well as he did in class....

The attached pictures are of his favorite activity: chasing balls on the beach. These were taken on Christmas Day. His fur grew in a bit red-tipped, and he has been groomed once so we could see his eyes. He is quite the handsome guy, though I would like to know the story behind his tail. There are many dogs walked in our neighbourhood, and we are working on his greeting manners, although he is most often just so excited he forgets to be polite.

We have found a wonderful Kennel nearby, on the occasions that we could not include Oakley in our travel plans.  He loves to play and run with the resident dogs, learning pack manners.

He has truly become a member of our family, although the cat still has some reservations.  Thank you again for your help in making our connection.

We receive many updates and pictures from Angus' dad letting us know how well he is doing.  He LOVES his big brother Samson and follows him everywhere copying his behaviour.  He has settled in well after a 2 day stretch of peeing everywhere in the house to the point where his dad took him to the vet thinking something was wrong.  It wasn't, he was just being a puppy and getting the last hoorah in before settling in to being housetrained.  Angus has brought so much love and happiness to his home....and so much puppy mischief and destruction!! We get constant updates on the things that he has found to put in his mouth or chew or get into.  The Angus stories are hilarious and we tell his dad that he needs to write these stories down as they are priceless.  But all in all, Angus is much loved and so happy and he's got the perfect dog life with a family who loves him and a big brother who thinks he's pretty cool too.  We couldn't be happier to have found this family for Angus.

Dear Kim and Jarett,

I just wanted to send you an update on how I’m doing with my forever family. In a word… Fantastic! I don’t think I could have picked a more fun and loving family if I tried to myself. Thank you so much for not only rescuing me but for looking after me until you could find the right family for me. I am having so much fun with my new brother Thunder. He is just like me, he loves to play and go for long walks and I even got to meet one of his friends last night, Brady. We ran around the yard and played tug of war with the rope toys and sticks for over an hour. It was so much fun. I think my new parents enjoyed it as well because they were laughing a lot.

My new family says I’m the smartest 61/2 month old dog they have ever seen. They have been looking after me really well and they even let me pick my new name. They gave me a choice between, Storm, Bolt and Timber and because I liked the name Storm so much that is the one I answered to when they called me. I have been answering to it ever since. I’m starting to get a hang of the new rules here but whenever I’m not sure, I just follow Thunder, he is the best big brother ever!

I have attached a couple of pictures for you of me and Thunder. My new dad says anytime you want to stop by and visit you are more than welcome. He also says if there is anything that you need from him to please let him know.

Well I better go now, Thunder says its nap time and I really like to snuggle with him during nap time.

I hope to see you soon.



Hi Kim and Jarett,

A Cooper update for you!!  Sorry it has been so long!  He passed grade 2 in April, and is going to start Gr 3 in July.!!!   He is a healthy 82 lbs, and everyone he meets they comment on what a handsome boy he is!!  He has been to the cottage twice and as we expected he loved the water......:)   He can't get enough of retrieving his floating toy!!  He seems to be quite good at "staying" nearby, and comes when he is called!!    At home he is still quite goofy!  Will pick up slippers, hats and shoes for "fun" and run with them........for the chase, of course!!   He loves his walks around the neighborhood, getting better when approaching other dogs, but he thinks everyone should want to play with him!!!

Hope everything is well with you both, and Pound Dogs !! 

Diane, Peter, Jacob, Victoria, and Cooper

Hi Guys!


It’s Briar!  Wow I can’t believe it’s been a year since you introduced me to my new family.  It’s my birthday today and my mom and dad gave me a fun birthday hat to wear and a delicious cookie to celebrate my special day!  I have sooooo much fun going for long walks on the trails but the most special times are my “cuddle” times with mom and dad.  They love me so much and I feel pretty lucky to have found such a wonderful family.


THANK YOU for picking the perfect family that I can grow old with!





Emma has been with us for just over a year now, and what a year it has been!

Emma is great with everyone she meets, old and young. When we first got her, a lot of our friends and family were scared to even come over because of the misconception  people have about rottis. Now, our friend who was the most scared is one of Emma's biggest fans! She even lets Emma kiss and cuddle her. She loves to flirt especially with boys! People can't believe what a sweet and gentle dog she is. She has a big soft spot for my grandpa, who in return is nuts about her now.  Although Emma loves everyone, she loves her momma(me) the most! She is my shadow and follows me everywhere around the house. She also loves my dad because shes home all day with him. He is her favourite person to play with.

Emma is rarely left alone at home because my dad works from home. When we do have to leave her alone, she is great and never has to be caged up. 

Emma has a funny personality. She loves lying and sleeping on her back. She is also obsessed with belly rubs. Every morning when I wake up, she rolls on her back as if its expected of me to rub her belly for a couple minutes. She loves to play fight; barking and growling, but that's as ferocious as she gets. After she barks at you,she turns and runs, expecting you to chase her. It's funny cause you'd expect the dog to be chasing you, not the other way around. She loves being chased by people or dogs. Emma LOVES walks. As soon as you say walk or grab her leash she jumps up off the ground (she gets unbelievable height too). Sometimes when she wants to walk she will go stand beside her leash letting me to know shes in the mood. Emma gets walked daily, sometimes more than once. Everyone loves walking Emma. Even when I walk with my friends they always want to be the one to hold the leash. She also loves car rides. When we first got her, she didn't like them at all but i think it's cause she maybe thought she wasn't coming back, since she came from Ohio by car.

Emma has also made lots of dog friends in our neighbourhood. She must have a crush on the one dog because every time we pass the brick wall of their backyard she cries for the dog. She has another dog friend dog the street who will wander over to our house and visit from time to time. My friend has 2 labradoodles she will bring over that Emma has so much fun with. Like usual, she is always trying to get them to chase her. Emma's best friend is my sister's boyfriend's dog, Abbie. Abbie is a very slender black lab, we suspect she is a mix. They love to play together, and when they're tired, they will cuddle up on the couch or the dog bed together. 

Emma has been to the off-leash dog park out in Ancaster a few times. The first time I was nervous to take her because of the amount of dogs there, but she had a blast! She actually doesn't pay that much attention to the other dogs because she is too busy sniffing around. When dogs do come up and play with her, she entertains them for a bit but usually goes back to sniffing around after a short period of time. The park has a creek and the first time I took her she didn't want to go near it. Emma is a big suck when it comes to water, although she can drink water by the gallon. She will even walk around a puddle if she comes across one! But after I took Emma and Abbie together to the park, Abbie showed Em how much fun the water is! 

Emma doesn't love baths but she never gives me a hard time when it's time for one. She walks in the shower easily and is cooperative throughout the whole thing. You can tell by the look on her face she is not impressed. The second she gets out of the shower however, she is the happiest girl! It's like she knows how good she looks. After being dried off she is FULL of energy and bolts around the house showing everyone how good she looks.

Getting Emma has changed my family's life. After we had to put our last dog we swore we wouldn't get another. We loved Belle too much and I didn't want to feel like I was replacing her. But the house always felt different; there was always something missing. Emma has filled that void in our house. She brightens everyones day, and made our house feel whole again. I am so happy to have Emma in my life. She is my best friend. Thank you so much for saving her life. My life wouldn't be the same without my Emma.

This beautiful girl is Cali.  Cali was found as a stray, brought to a local shelter where no one claimed her.  Like a lot of female dogs between the ages of 4 and 5, Cali's breeding years were over, she was abandoned and unclaimed, but as the saying goes, "someone's loss was my gain".
Our family's story is a sad one.  In a span of 17 years we lost three dobermans to illness.  In early October we said good-bye to our third doberman who had just turned 5, and was the oldest of the three dogs.  So for weeks our home was a sad and tearful one.  I don't know  what led me to 
petfinder.com one Sunday morning, but after choosing a breed, Cali's picture came up.  Emails were sent back and forth, an application was filled out, and by the end of October Cali had joined our family.
The first week Cali was unsure of us.  She had a new bed, new toys and a new home.  We started walking a few days after she arrived, good on a leash, but needed some work. She walked with her head down, zig zagged back and forth, she walked like she didn't have a purpose.  I'd give her treats and she'd leave them on her bed, her toys would surround her bed, but she wouldn't play with them. She spent a lot of her time on her bed. As the days passed she warmed up to us and started venturing around the house.  Unsure of how she would react when left alone, I took a chance on her and left her uncrated to run some errands.  A few hours later I came home and found nothing out of place.  Cali has not been crated  for 5 minutes since she arrived. 
So months later Cali has become my tail.  We go for walks every morning.  She walks with her head up, not with arrogance, but with confidence and reassurance that everything is going to be ok. She is fantastic with children, so much so that my 4 year old nephew includes her on the list of cousins he has.  She loves to play ball in the park, she loves to run with her own kind, she listens and has learned to give hugs.  She greets everyone at the door with a kiss then runs off to bring them one of her toys. We visit the elderly neighbours on our street, as she is ever so gentle with them. We go to PetSmart and she plays with the other dogs there. If she finds a toy she loves, we bring it home.

So do I spoil my dog? Every chance I get.  Does she deserve it? Absolutely!
Everyone that knows her story says she is a lucky girl to have found us.  Everyone that knows my story, knows that she saved me.
So do I still cry everyday for my lost dogs? Not as much as I did. I do however cry for the dogs that need to be saved, the dogs that need help and the dogs that don't have a home or bed to call their own.
So share pounddog's posts and help re-home all the lost dogs.  It's true what they say,
"There ain't nothing like a pounddog!"

Max (was Riddle) - Adopted Sept 2013

A Successful Adoption

I joined my new Family on September 27 2013.  I think they have won the Doggy Lottery because I am so special!

Obedience class is a hoot! Or should I say howl! So many dogs to play with…and let’s not forget to mention the extra special treats the trainer hides in his pocket! I will do anything for a piece of that treat – sit, pose, leave it, controlled greeting and even stay!  I am sure I am the star of the class.  I am so smart! I am already known as the best jumper - is that a good thing?

I have made some great friends in the neighbourhood, at the Pet’s Hotel and even had a friend sleep over & was good to share my toys. My cousin is a Great Dane…so far she is so clumsy I can still win our wrestling matches.  My family says I should enjoy this as she is growing fast and is already bigger than me. I also have 4 cat cousins. Two “scaredy” cats, 1 lazy cat and one who loves to play with me. Where do they keep their catnip toys?

I love camping and hiking.  It takes a lot to tire me out.  Distance is something like conversion to age…7 Human km is like 15 Canine km…so many ponds, rivers, lakes to swim in, smells, sticks, and squirrels.  We were all prepared to try my paw at canoeing but the lake was frozen already!  Maybe not bad timing as gives me more time to perfect sit & stay.  I like to help collect firewood for the campfires that I enjoy sitting on the big guy’s lap to soak up the heat and listen to my distant cousins in the wild. 

My Family says that I fit right in and that they love me so I let them scratch behind my ears and rub my belly, play ball and take me for as many walks as they want.

Still having fun and always a good boy,

Max a.k.a Riddle

Murphy (was Ranger) - Adopted November 2012

Well it has already been 1 year since we met our Murphy, though it seems like he has always been part of the family.  Neither of us have ever met a dog with so much character, he is constantly making us laugh.  Murphy enjoys his daily walks and goes a little crazy when we take him to the dog park.  Any problems he had adjusting to life with us have long since passed, he is friendly and playful with everyone who visits.  Sometimes he lets his urges get the better of him, like chasing the cat or sneaking food from the counter, but that just adds to his personality.  Murph is pretty well behaved, we're still working on a few things but he has all the basic comands down.  We had him off leash at the cottage and while camping and he did really well.   ....though the odd chipmunk would get the better of him.

I've included a few pics of him during our camping trip to Killbear Provicial Park this fall.

Thank you again for introducing us to our best friend

Nora is just about ready for a haircut. We are so thankful that she is part of our life. Here is a photo of her with her new grumpy big brother Carl. They get along great even though they have slightly different energy levels. They play with each other whenever they get outside and sleep side by side on the couch. With lots of work Nora has overcome the severe separation anxiety she had when crated when she first came here and even goes in all on her own now when told. 

Just wanted to share our happiness with you and hope you will forward this on to her foster mom.

Louie - Adopted March 2013

Louie is the perfect example of a dog that needed some work early in his adoption.  He obviously wasnt properly socialized by whoever had him early in his life.  In his foster home we started him off with training and socialization but he needed continued work with this. His new family were dedicated and put the effort in and the result is a lovely, happy little dog who has blossomed. Training classes and exercise go a LONG way to make a dog a happy, well balanced, member of society.  We at PDR stress the importance of both and look for adoptive families that understand and will commit to both.  Loving your dog is obviously important, but exercising their mind and body are equally important to make a well rounded dog.

Hi Kim and Jarett

Hard to believe it has been a year since Louie came to live with us. 

So there were some challenges for sure.  We nicknamed him “Cujo” at first as he was often out of control when he was outside.

He lunged at people as they walked by, at bicycles, at cars driving down the road.

Happily those issues have  stopped entirely.

He can still be a bit unsure about men, but overall is very good about that as well.  He is still challenged with meeting new bigger dogs when we are out walking so that is still a work in progress.

Louie successfully completed Level 2 of obedience at Elite Dog Training, so we are pretty proud of that.

Louie has been doing some travelling, to the cottage at Sauble Beach where he loves to run and play with sticks and recently to Florida where he enjoyed some warmth and a plastic raft in the swimming pool.

Louie is full of energy and just mentioning the word “walk” gets his attention.  We walk about 3 hours a day and can be seen just about anywhere about town.  He loves to go running with me as well and has done 10 km so far.  Those little legs can go forever!

He goes with us just about everywhere and this has definitely helped with socialization skills.

We love him and you can’t have him back.......

Hopefully see you at another Pound Dog event this year.

Wow a year already! Scruff is the best dog ever, he has settled into the family with no problems at all (other than not pooping in the backyard), but that's ok, we take him for at least three good walks a day to explore and do his business. He just had his yearly checkup and the vet said he's bang on and that he's definitely the cutest dog ever. I hope he is as happy with us as we are with him because he is the best dog ever and we love him to death. Thanks Kim for all that you do!

Mica is our hearts' delight!  She has adapted beautifully to me and my large family.  She follows directions well, delights in our games, loves her daily walks and is always eager to please.  She is a very loving, and well-loved, member of my family!


Thank you so much for the work that you do and for bringing Mica into our lives! We can't imagine life without her!"

She is such a little sweetie!  I can't believe how well her and Luc-Etienne get along, she is his little side kick.  He was such a grumpy morning person before her....now she is his first stop in the morning, they cuddle together and he adores her yawns :)
She has brought so much to our lives, I can't thank you two enough!!!!

She has passed her training classes, and just had a heartworm + full blood profile and all was good!!!!
We took her along for a 10k hike on the weekend and she was in the lead the whole way!

Brady cat and her play together all the time, running all around, up and over things...so funny, she gives him kisses all the time and Brady cat takes it :)

Thank you Thank you Thank you for our little Priya!!!!

Mac (was Rusty) - Adopted August 2013

Mac was a shy boy who had trouble with confidence shortly after he was adopted.  His wonderful family sought advice from us and the trainer we work with and thanks to their commitment to do the best for Mac, they worked with him and had great success.  Another example of how proper training and socialization do wonders for dogs.

Mac had improved 10 fold since we last emailed. We did the private training with Cheryl and completed level 2 in Elite. Cheryl's tips helped us learn how to handle Mac when he is barking at strangers, and the gentle leader you both recommended made a WORLD of difference. When his gentle leader is on, he is a totally different dog. 

He still isn't overly sure about strangers in "his" house, but he is nowhere near as upset as he once was. We keep the leader on and keep him close by and he just lays at our feet eye-balling the intruder. 

Barking at strangers on walks hasn't happened in quite some time. It isn't even a worry for us any longer. He is totally comfortable getting pets from passers by who just can't resist asking to pet him ( and who can blame them!)

He has just come back from the vet for his boosters and they were amazed how far he's come in therms of timidness and size!!! He's 75 lbs! He is so thick. And holy, is he strong!

Mac is the best thing to happen to our household. He is such a joy and such a sweetpea. He's made many a doggy friend in the neighbourhood! He and the neighbour dog have worked out a system that when one of them is outside he barks thus signaling the other dog to bark to go outside. Then the run back and fourth along the fence together. It is hilarious to watch.

His unique look makes him a huge magnet for people wanting to pet him. He sits nice and relishes the attention. He seems to really enjoy kids as well, which is great.
We hope everything is going well with pound dog!

I truly believe Ayla and I were made for each other... I can watch her endlessly, and am amazed by the serenity that surrounds her. No matter what day I have had, being around her calms me, makes me happy and extremely grateful she found her way to me. If dogs can be soulmates, she's definitely mine!

She's still a quivering mess when she's insecure - with other people, with loud noises etc., but if it's just her and I, in the woods or in the fields, or at home, she's the best dog and friend I could have ever wanted.She loves her bones and her toys, and likes to bring them to me every day anew ( I try to put them away at night?. She loves doing "zoomies" around the outside of the house in the morning, when no one else is awake yet. She loves her dog friends at doggie daycare, and she loves going for long hikes in the fields. There's not much that tires her out! And after all the activity, she sleeps the sleep of the innocent, moaning and groaning like a human when she stretches or moves positions. It's hilarious! I adore both sides of her: I enjoy enjoy, play with and laugh at her extrovert side, and I continue to work with her on her introvert side. We're a great team, my Ayla and me!

I just love seeing the updates about the dogs rescued by you and your fabulous team of adopters so i figured that i'd send you a photo of mr. jenkins and a bit of a blurb about how adored he is. everyone needs to know how great your organization is so anything i can do to help the cause is a pleasure. 

mr. jenkins has been the most adaptable, fun loving, and snuggly little fuzzer we could have ever imagined. he fit into our home immediately and he's already the top dog in the house. since i work from home, mr. jenkins and i spend all of our time together; he'll doze on the couch while i work and we go for walks several times a day. bedtime is the cutest - he snuggles between our legs and sleeps the entire night like a little canine log! even though he's 8, he plays like a pup and i'm constantly laughing by his intensely adorable quirkiness. needless to say, we're mad for our boy and we're so very thankful that pound dog rescue brought him into our lives. it's truly and honour and a blessing.

Spock (was socks) - Adopted June 2013

Everyone at PDR is so proud of Spock's parent, Amber and Ian, for the dedication and commitment they gave to him. We initially rescued Spock from a situation where he had been in a rural pound for 2 months with little exercise or stimulation. His new family made sure that he was properly trained and socialized even when his over excitement made it tough at the start.   We are so very proud to announce that Spock recently graduated from level 3 at obedience school and was a star pupil!  We can’t wait to hear what's next for Spock!

It's coming up to a year that we've had Spock, and wow, have our lives ever changed! 

We were really excited to have a dog but we completely underestimated how much work he'd be. Spock and our 3 year-old cat, Alister, had trouble getting along in the beginning. Alister, a social and outgoing cat, "pouted" under the safety of our bed for three weeks. We were entirely distraught and convinced that the two could never tolerate each other. Low and behold, and with much help from Kim and her network of dog professionals, Alister came out from hiding and explored this new creature that was unlike any he'd met before. Alister is careful, quiet, and his movements are calculated. Contrarily, Spock is boisterous, excited and makes his presence known. Bit by bit, Alister and Spock became acquainted and much to our surprise, started getting along.

While Ian and I recognized that Spock had lots of potential to become a great, well-trained and wonderfully behaved dog, we were initially discouraged. Training him required a ton of work, lots of time, an incredible amount of energy, patience and, of course, perseverance. But what I believe Spock needed most was love and a stable home. Once he connected with us, and us with him, his desire to please was his best asset in training.

Nearly a year later, Spock has surpassed our initial expectations. He has grown to become a better dog than we ever imagined. He and his brother are getting along fine and at times, we are convinced that they enjoy each other's company, if only to tease and entertain one another. Our hearts have grown with the love we have for Spock. He is over-the-moon excited about life, so much so that each morning, he greets us with several impressive vertical jumps in the air. Thank you for matching us with such an amazing dog and for encouraging us when we felt dispirited. Spock has improved our lives just as much as we've improved his.


Bandit - Adopted June 2013

Bandit came to us with a serious kidney infection that took time to cure and was touch and go for a bit. Thankfully he had a terrific foster family that helped him through his recovery and fell completely in love with him and turned into his forever family!

I can't believe it has been a year already since we have adopted Bandit.  When he came  to us to foster he was on the mend but still not as healthy as we all wanted. He was in jeopardy for a while but with time, he has completely healed and has been in tip top health ever since.  He is the most gentle guy, and a class clown, who loves to play, play, play!  He loves to give kisses and they are the slowest licks of life.   He plays fetch every day at the ball diamond and will do anything for his orange Chuck It ball.  He runs like the wind!  He has a quiet demeanor, but loves to be in the heart of things.  He has taken all three classes at Elite and has even gone on to Rally classes, which Cheryl says he has potential for titles.
  He has become a best friend to his sister Athena, and they play tug of war, have goofy play fighting sessions and snuggle next to each other to have naps. 

We are definitely the winners in this relationship and we could not have asked for a sweeter, loving handsome boy.  

Thank you to Pound Dog Rescue for bringing Bandit into our lives!

Abby - Adopted June 2013
Thanks to her family for selecting a senior dog!

 It is the one year anniversary of Abby’s adoption. She is doing well for an older dog with some chronic ear and eye issues. She seems happy and is well loved by our family. She does tend to like food quite a bit and has gained some weight over the winter. She has a ruptured knee and is not too inclined to do allot of exercise though and too much will cause her to limp. But is happy none the less. I have included some pictures for you as well. Thanks.

Penny, adopted June 2013

The past year with Penny has been full of laughs as Penny is quite the character.  She is definitely a beagle - she heads out to the backyard every morning to do her morning patrol of the yard -sniffing all around to see what critters may have been around.  Always has her nose to the ground! She loves to chase chipmunks and the big black birds but she likes the little brown birds and finches - she allows them in her yard :)

She still loves to do her “beagle rolls” on her back in the grass - always entertaining!

She follows me everywhere I go and always likes a snuggle.  She sleeps at the end of the bed, unless she gets chilly then she sneaks her way up closer to me and snuggles in. 

In the summer she spends her days playing in yard, chasing critters, barking with the neighbor dogs, playing with the apples that fall from the apple tree and relaxing in the sun on the deck.

In the winter she loves to go for walks in the snow and then come in and lay by the fireplace.

I couldn't imagine my life without her - she truly is a loving, sweet and funny dog. 

Thanks for all you do for these wonderful animals!

Hank (was Gryphon) adopted December 2013

He's quickly become a huge part of our family...at 110lbs what dog
We had the vet perform the entropion eye injection procedure a month ago
and he's very pleased with how it turned out and may not require surgery in
a year’s time when his head finally stops growing.
Hank whizzed through Level 1 training and we hope to complete Level 2 in
the fall.  He's such a loveable dog and loves nothing more than welcoming
you home with lots of slobbery kisses, which our kids have grown use to
since they are at eye level with him.  I'm so happy that he has become a
much loved and loving family pet to us and can't imagine a home without him
in it.
Thank you again for all the work that you do and for helping these amazing
animals when they do desperately need someone to advocate for them.

Holly, adopted December 2013

Holly has been the perfect little addition to our family and has put a little spice in our lives! She is fitting in with life living on a farm, and is as white as the day we got her. 

    After the snow melted and it got above 0` C, we started to let her off the leash in and around our back lawn for short periods of time and she stayed in our sight until she got a little more familiar with her surroundings. She enjoyed her puppy classes at Elite Dog Training in March and passed with flying colours. Now and again she needs a few reminders of what she learned at ‘school’, but her sitting and the come command are the ones we seem to focus on and use the most often, and she listens attentively. We started to let her sleep down in our basement at night (out of her crate) and she just snuggles up in ball on the corner of our old coach and we don’t hear a peep out of her until morning. Our cats also sleep down there at night and they all have adjusted to one another. We still put her in her crate occasionally (with her peanut butter kong) if we are all away for a long period of time and we have no problem getting her to go in there. We have got into the route of letting her out to run around outside in the morning when we go out to the barn and do our chores. We love to watch her hop and pounce around in our field for mice, frogs, and anything that moves. Sometimes all you can see is her curly white tail wagging and you know she’s having fun! She also loves to go say good morning to the cows in the barn and shows no fear towards them. She loves to lay in their hay and lick their noses clean. The odd time she comes back to the house with dirty feet, but she doesn’t mind being sprayed off with water, and she seems to lick her paws off to keep herself looking bright and beautiful! During the daytime, she usually plays with our neighbours black lab dog, which seems to be Holly’s best friend, helps us out around the farm, teases the cats, or comes in the house and sleeps on her back with her feet up in the air!  She has also met 3 of her doggie cousins and gets along with them just like family.

Everyone that sees Holly comments on what a pretty dog we have and how well behaved she is. She always greets you with a smile on her face and wagging tail! We love her so much and we are so happy she became part of our family. 

Blue, adopted August 2013

I just received your card in the mail. It's crazy to believe that I have had Blue (Blue Ella so people know she's a girl lol) for a year already! 

My, what a year it has been! She has grown so much and has been the best thing for me! 

We got for lots of runs on trails (I don't even leash her anymore because she is better off and is too fast for me to keep up lol), she has come a looooong way for listening to me (obedience school helped for sure and her running after a few bunnies late at night and learning her lesson too lol). 

I take her everywhere with me and she just fits in wherever she is, whether it’s the park, at a cottage, to the lake, at a friend’s house, etc. Everyone compliments how easy going and loveable she is. She is still timid around some kids but she's a lot better than before. 

My favourite thing about her is her personality. She's so smart that I can tell when she's mad at me or being goofy or something. She's very human like it's hilarious (ex: She still has her Elf you gave her- and she likes to take it outside and throw it in the air and run around. It's always a funny thing to watch).

All in all, Blue is doing super well! She's my little baby girl and I don't know what I'd do without her.

Griswold adopted October 2013

Griswold is amazing and is showing his true personality more and more everyday! He listens so well and is quite funny especially I'm the morning when he tries to wake us up! He paws us... He talks like an otter or something and is very vocal! Lol He and Wolseley  are the best of friends!!! Inseparable! They are always together! Such a pair!
Thanks again for finding him!! We love him soooo much.

Layla, adopted February 2013

Layla is adapting well to the city from our former Muskoka home. It's hard to believe she was such a country bumpkin and now she is happy to walk on the busy sidewalks, with the GO trains and streetcars passing, all the loud construction and big trucks, skateboards and bikes and people and dogs everywhere. 

It's hard to believe that not too long ago she was quite reactive around other dogs when on the leash. She walks on a perfect loose leash everywhere we go, and listens perfectly and sits down or lies down when I stop at a traffic light or pause to chat with someone. People often comment on how well-behaved she is - I tell them that her manners fluctuate haha! But it's true that she's a very easy dog to live with 99% of the time, both in and out of the house. 

In Toronto, we're out for about 90 minutes every morning on the trails in High Park, and she has a best friend who we walk with every morning. Then we go out for another adventure when I'm home from work, and other than being alone during the day (which she still hates), she's thriving on this schedule. We're still working through some challenges with mild separation anxiety (even though it's not too serious it's still upsetting for us all), but overall Layla has come so far that it's truly hard to believe. We're experimenting with daycare a few days a week and she's doing well with that. 

Layla is incredibly bonded to us. Mommy (me) spends more time with her "out on the town" but she still adores daddy. When it's time to wrap up our afternoon walk I say "let's go home to DADDY!" and she immediately starts speeding in the direction of home! She gets so excited when she sees a car - any car - that looks like Daddy's car! She just loves him so much. 

Even though we're not in Muskoka full-time, we're still here frequently, and she loves coming home to the country. Today was a perfect fall day so we went for a walk on a trail and later went to the lake and she had a dip to cool off. 

You would hardly recognize her as the frantic little ball of anxiety that she was when you guys rescued her. She's my best friend and she's absolutely beautiful inside and out. Her fluffiness and cuteness is unsurpassed, and yet she can still makes me feel a bit safer when we're out together. She likes to swim, but avoids mud puddles. She's active and fun, but not hyper. She's calm and quiet in the house, and perfect on the leash. And most importantly, she adores us and trusts us completely, and we love her SO much. 

Last night, Maru (one of our cats) was sleeping on the sofa. Cadet carefully climbed up next to her, and settled in. Normally he sprawls on the sofa and takes up all the space. We quickly took a photo, thinking Maru would surely leave, but nope! They stayed together for the rest of the evening, snugged up.

The past 8 months have been fantastic. Cadet is such a big part of our family!!

Since he moved in, he has lost his extra weight and now runs about 50kms per week. He has started to learn how to do "dryland mushing" (basically sled-dog with a scooter). Amazingly, he has encouraged our senior citizen beagle to be a bit more active, too, since she can't handle him having all the fun! And, on top of all of that, he is the best dog for snuggling - exactly the right size for a good hug.

As you know, we fell in love with Cadet when we first met saw his photo - he IS a calendar cover dog, after all (ha!) - and after meeting him, our only hesitation was how well he would get along with our 4 cats. It was a big hesitation. It's not that he wanted to hurt the cats - it's that he really likes to chase, and wrestle, and play. We didn't want anyone to get hurt.

Thanks to you and Charity (and Elite, later) we learned how to teach him, using positive rewards, to mostly ignore the cats and to not corner them or be rough. He still likes to give them a good sniff, but they tolerate him doing it (or smack him on the nose if he's being too nosey).  If we tell him to "leave it" he'll walk away. We thought that was as a good an outcome as we could possibly accept, and we were happy.  After seeing him and Maru on the sofa last night, we are feeling even better.

Here is Muppet smiling and another by her food dish and her name plaque. Yes she is very agile! We have evidence of her being on our dining table while we're out--she hasn't been caught in the act yet but we've seen the table runner all crumpled. We are pretty vigilant about tucking in our chairs and removing breakable objects just to be safe :) she knows how to take advantage of opportunities and we have learned how to minimize them :) 

Riley the Doberman, adopted July 2014. I just wanted to say thank you for the card and picture of Riley. I cannot believe it has been a year already. Riley is doing amazing! As you can see from the picture she is enjoying her time running around with her sister Emma. Her new favorite thing is swimming in the lake. 

Thanks so much for doing what you guys do and making Riley a part of our family. I can't imagine what would happen to all of these great dogs without the two of you! 

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