Pound Dog Rescue is a non-profit, volunteer run organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing stray, abandoned and surrendered dogs in Southern Ontario pounds and low resource shelters.  It is our mission to adopt these dogs out to loving, secure homes so that they never again deal with the devastation of being lost, homeless, or abandoned and facing certain euthanasia due to space limitations at overwhelmed pound facilities. 

There ain't nothing like a Pound Dog!

Oscar is a puppy mill survivor on the road to a better life. He needed very expensive surgery to repair a broken leg and is now on the path to a full recovery. Sadly the surgery cost our rescue over $2000. We would greatly appreciate any monetary donation to assist us in paying the vet bill.

We can accept Paypal or personal cheque. Please see the 'Contact Us' page (click here) if you would like to send a personal cheque.

Please make sure to leave a comment that it is for Oscar's care.
Thank you so much!!! All of us here at Pound Dog Rescue are extremely grateful for any help received!

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In keeping with the original motivating premise of Pound Dog Rescue, founders, Kim and Jarett are standing by their commitment to Mayu by supporting her long-term foster care. They are ensuring that her story ends with loving care, in a safe and secure family home.
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